September 25, 2004

Today we put the greenhouse together! Click on picture below to see the construction process.

September 20, 2004

My new greenhouse arrived today! Click on picture below to see the construction process.

A Green House I would like to have in the future

Here's one example of a style I like. Each room can be designated for different climates - 1). very warm and humid with bright, indirect light for tropical orchids, 2). warm and dry with direct sun for cacti and succulents, 3). warm with dappled light for shade foliage or a small water feature, and 4). cool and dry for alpine specimens.

I will probably start out with a small greenhouse, 6' x 8' or 8' x 10' sometime in 2004. There is one called the "Sunshine Growhouse" that can be found on many internet greenhouse dealers that would work. I'd like to keep it at hothouse temperatures, which equates to year-round 65F or more and would require a small heater in winter months. After we are done remodeling this house and move to another, I could get a larger greenhouse (like the one in the photo above) with multiple rooms and turn the smaller one into a seedling house/coldframe by removing it's heat sources.