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December 20, 2012

Rob Sendak, Dan Zittel and I had Thursday off from work so we made plans to do some "backcountry" skiing at Hyak to enjoy all the luscious new snow we've been getting. While discussing our upcoming plans at work, another friend of ours, Ian Maple, decided to join us! And Wednesday night I invited my nephew, Ian, to go too.

With Rob, Dan and Ian Chapman on alpine touring gear, Ian Maple on his splitboard and me on my telemark gear, we had all the major disciplines covered! See, it is possible for us to all get along and play nice! We were one of the first parties to start skinning up the trail that was put in earlier that morning by some splitboarders, but soon there were easily 20-30 people skinning up the track. The 14 inches of new snow in the last 12 hours put a big smile on all our faces!

We skied down the face for the first run, then took the first trail on skiers right. We were able to get a few videos which didn't even begin to do justice of the fun we had! Looking forward to next time, fellas!

We all met up at the Hyak parking lot and enjoed three laps of skiing and snowboarding before we had to head back home. Thanks everyone for a great day skiing!