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Frenchman Coulee Cragging

Feathers and the Sunshine Wall

June 1, 2012

We had planned a climb of the Tooth for my birthday, but the weather on the west side was poor so we decided to head east to the sunshine and Frenchman Coulee was just the place! Kim and I had hoped some friends could join us, but in the end it was just the two of us. We always enjoy the drive over the mountains and remembering previous trips with good friends!

There were a handful of other cars when we pulled up to the parking lot at the Feathers. The sunshine and the warm temperature felt were very welcome after the cold and wet "June-uary" we've been having on the west side.

We climbed a few routes at the feathers, Shake it, Don't Break it and The Uprising, then packed up and headed over to the Sunshine Wall. While we were packing up, a young couple from Vancouver, B.C. walked by and commented on the size of my trad rack. I hadn't really planned on doing any particular trad routes, and had just thrown in what I had on my rack, so it was quite the hodge-podge of assorted cams, hexes, nuts, and tri-cams.

Initially, I thought the yougn climber was making fun of all unncessessary gear I had, so I jokingly replied, "Yep! I'm loaded for bear!" But then he said that he had only sport climbed and was interested in getting into traditional climb also. So we spent the next 40 minutes or so talking about trad gear and how to place the various pieces and climbing areas! It was fun talking with them and learning more about sport routes in Squamish where they usually climb.

Afterwards we drove down the road to the main parking area and hiked up and over to the Sunshine Wall. We couldn't remember the last time we had climbed here. It had to be several years. I was suprised that the naturally carved out "belay chair rock" was gone at the base of Clip Em' or Skip Em . Or at least that is where I thought it had been. Kim and I climbed this route and Vantage Point and then moved down the wall to Peaceful Warrior where we met some other climbers, an older gentleman, Roger, who was a photographer and a young man, Pat, who asked if Kim and I were married in the course of our conversation! I had to kid Kim about this later. "Sorry, dude. She's not my sister!" ;)

They took a picture of us and we exchanged emails so they could send them to us later. I posted two of them: one of Kim and I, and the other of me belaying Kim leading Peaceful Warrior. Thanks, Roger!

The day was only getting started as Kim and I then packed up, hiked out and drove back to Seattle where we met our good friends, Bobby, Loren, Andrew and Amy, Jasmine, and Donovan, and Jacob and Alicia at Fierabend where they all helped celebrate my birthday! Thanks Kim and everyone for a great day! I am so fortunate to know you all!