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The Castle and Pinnacle Peak 6440 ft, 6562 ft (respectively)

March 6, 1999

Larry, Lea, Robin and I spend a great weekend in the Tatoosh. This was my second trip to this area....We snowshoed in the first day and set up camp near a stand of trees on a ridge just below The Castle. Here we put on our harnesses and climbed up to the back side of the Castle and climbed the jagged ridge to the summit. It was interesting to see that the Castle is really just a narrow ridge of rocks. However, from across the valley at Paradise, the Castle appears like a large,square block.

We made a short rappel and hiked back down to camp. One summit down, one to go! After dinner we climbed into our tents and went to sleep. I shared a tent with Robyn and I had the luxury of sleeping in his Bibler Eldorado, a very nice single wall tent.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast, then dropped down in front of the Castle and made our way over to the Pinnacle. On a previous attempt on the Pinnacle, our party ran out of daylight so we weren't able to summit. This time we focused on the East Ridge, and were able to make the summit. I also got my first alpine rock lead in! Thanks guys for a great weekend of climbing these amazing peaks.