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Thanksgiving in the Great Land

Wasilla, Alaska

November 21-December 2, 2003

Kim and I are spending a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday here in Alaska with Kim's parents and grandparents!

Monday we skied and snowshoed up Lazy Mountain. (10F). Tuesday I skied down the road to the local Elementary School for some exercise. Wednesday we skied/snowshoed up Thunderbird Creek (5F) to do some ice climbing (pictures to come!). Friday I skied down to the Elementary School again, then later that evening I built an igloo (9F). Saturday we all drove up to Talkeetna (-17F) and took in the sights. Monday Kim and I are hoping to either try climbing Pioneer Peak or, if the avalanche conditions are bad, head back into Thunderbird Falls. for some more ice climbing.

My Alaskan Igloo


Ice Climbing at Thunderbird Creek